Stephen S. Shoemaker Virginia Creeper 2009 Special Edition

CZ 410ga. Side by Side Shotgun

Incorporated in the 1880’s from several railroads started much earlier, the history of the Norfolk and Western Railroad is deeply intertwined with the history of Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Towns like Roanoke, NC, Windsor,VA, Waverly,VA and most famously Disputania, VA would never have received these names if not for the founders of what became the Norfolk and Western. At its peak Norfolk and Western railroad was famous for building their steam locomotives in house at their extensive facilities in Roanoke, NC – a rare practice in the United States and most of the world.

But it was building the stretch up to Whitetop, VA that gave the Norfolk and Western its famous nickname. During its expansion towns were built up or created, along with new jobs, all along the railroad. Around 1912 the line and trains finally reached Whitetop and the city became the highest station east of the Mississippi to be serviced by a regularly scheduled train.

Trains would carry passengers, supplies, timber from trains on the main of the Norfolk and Western up the mountain through Whitetop to West Jefferson, NC. The nickname came from the long slow push up the mountain to Whitetop. Hence the name “The Virginia Creeper.”

Now JW Engraved Firearms, in partnership with world famous artist Mr. Stephen S. Shoemaker of West Jefferson, NC, is proud to introduce “The Virginia Creeper Special Edition.”


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The Virginia Creeper Special Edition is a Collector’s Grade Stoeger .410 gauge side by side double barrell shotgun containing images inspired by two of Mr. Shoemaker’s paintings honoring the Norfolk and Western, “New River Crossing” and “Virginia Creeper.” A unique work of art for those collectors who value our history and great beauty!

Only 50 will ever be produced! Each is individually numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Reservations are accepted in the order in which they are received. Place your order here or to find more information, please e-mail us or call (970) 215-0677. Ask about our hard-sided canvas presentation cases!