Texas 175th Anniversary Shotgun

November 2019

 I picked up the shotgun for my husband today and it is amazing.  He is going to be so surprised at Christmas.  The detailing and workmanship is superior.

Thank You for Your help and follow up.   Great Customer Service

Kathy Lewis

Texas 175th Anniversary Shotgun

October 2019

I’ve got my gun. I picked it up from David 10-25-19. Him & I were both very impressed with the gun. You guys do good work. Maybe we can do business in the future. This is the first commemorative gun I’ve ever purchased. Again, thanks, & keep up the good work.
– Ronald Mick


Wyoming Territory 150th Anniversary Rifle

July 2019

To Wellington LTD.
The Wyoming Territory rifle is a beautiful piece of art. I was particularly drawn to it when I saw the engraved image of my Grandfather Guy Holt on the butt of the gun. I am 87 years old but could not pass up this wonderful gun. And thank you for offering a beautiful display case to show it off.
Flossie Moulton

Alabama Bicentennial Rifle

July 2019

The rifle is perfect! Thank you very much. It couldn’t be better. Perfect job!

– Mike Haynes

Wyoming Territory 150th Anniversary Rifle

July 2019

The gun is not what I expected….. ITS WAY MORE!!! It is truly a work of art. I am very happy with it and the .22 as well. I only concentrated on the metal work when I looked on line, the work on the stock was shockingly awesome. Thank you!!! And your team of craftsman. For a special piece I can pass to my son some day and he to his etc… Excited!!!!! Thank you A very happy customer Fred Reichert!!!

Transcontinental Railroad 150th Anniversary Rifle

March 2019

Hey Jim, just wanted to let you know that I picked up the rifle this afternoon, so super cool, I am totally blown away with it. Thank you so very much!! It is a great addition to my other railroad rifles!! Take care, Tony

Wyoming Territory 150th Anniversary Rifle

February 2019

Just wanted to let everyone know The Wyoming Territory Commemorative 45 Colt is the most enticing Rifle I have ever owned. It’s absolutely beautiful the engraving is nothing I’ve seen before, Love the history this rifle brought to my collection. I would recommend wellington LTD For their precision craftsmanship. Well worth the money and time involved. I anticipated a very nice collector and was totally blown away when I finally had it in my hands. Thank you Jim and your Team for giving me the best fire arm ever.
Sincerely John Gallant, Rawlins WY.

US Marshal Collectible Rifle
May 2018
The written flier does not do it justice. The engraving is phenomenal. It’s worth every penny after seeing it in person. I own a lot of weapons, however this is my prize possession! It is a great commemorative for a very rewarding career with the U. S. Marshals Service! Simply a work of art! Please feel free to use my remarks to advertise this rifle. – Dean Michael

Laramie WY 150th Anniversary Rifle

December 2018

A proud owner of a Wellington LTD firearm! Once in possession of the Laramie, Wyoming 150th Anniversary Henry, I had the same feeling as I did as a kid getting a Daisy Red Rider BB gun for Christmas! I could not keep my eyes off the rifle and am only too happy to show anyone and everyone that is willing to talk about it! The quality of the rifle and the history and stories about the artwork will keep me excited about my purchase for years to come. Thanks again for a quality collector, Henry! Sincerely, Mike Gray